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Switchblade Riot / Billetproof 2008
Written by Dangerrr   
Sunday, 21 September 2008 06:34

Sooo long time no update. Life is good. Moved out of Oakland and into SF. Looking to move a little more toward the Peninsula to be closer to my new job, but other than that, I'm chillin... here's a recap of the last 48 hours:


Ahh, to leave work on a Friday night, drive all the way to BFE (Antioch) and be greeted by this... Makes it all worthwhile... Well, this, and because gas is only $3.50 there.

Switchblade Riot: Julio and Faseplant

Switchblade Riot: Austin, only partly 100% nuts. I had to post it because it is in line with ALL the photos where my hair is trying to get up and leave...

This girl randomly asked to take a picture of me at the bar. She was cute so I took one of her too...


Rebecca Pants and ... Tony's (Pendeltons) Girlfriend? (Sorry bad with names...)

My boobs have more friends than I do...

Switchblade Riot: Faseplant and Austin, before

Switchblade Riot: Faseplant ON Austin, after

Leave it to Julio

My two favorite boys! And my drunk eye.

More Faseplant

Rebecca Pants is not impressed

Switchblade Riot: Faseplant and Julio say Good Nite

SATURDAY: Got out of the hotel by 11, dressed and over to the car show. Chatted with Big Al, he drew a portrait of me & Rebecca Pants, aw! He's supposed to scan it and send it on over so I'll post it soon! He also did that wicked caricature of me and the tiki from a few years back... Saw Phares for a minute, and a buttload of people I haven't seen in years. Cole was there signing his book but I was bummed because his lovely wifey (see: Photos of me and her in the Dalva gallery). I was so busy catching up with people and just wandering around, so of course, I didn't take any photos. I know, totally blowin it... But I always get a good one of my Uncle Jimmy whenever we hang out... His wifey was out and about on the lawn with the girls so I didn't get one of them together...

Uncle Jimmy and his '52!

There you have it... my weekend in a nutshell.

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