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About Dangerrr Doll

I'm from San Francisco. I have family in AZ, TX and NM. Makes for an interesting mash of cultures. I am part Cajun, Scottish, English and Awesome. I adore all things 40s, 50s, 60s, Spanish and Mexican culture and icons, Luminarios, old cars, and crafting intricate, decorative items inspired by all of these things. I completed my BA at UC Berkeley. I plan to complete an MBA program in the next few years.

I began modeling quite on accident around the time I was 18 or 19, and my first "real" shoot was with none other than Tila Tequila... I'm sure everyone thinks she's nuts, BUT she was a blast to work with and I respect her ambition and drive. Plus we had the most amazing Playboy photographer and I wouldn't have wanted my first shoot to go any other way. Since that time I have have defaulted to "retro" themed pin up shoots, but I enjoy doing things very, very far outside that proper little box. My favorite photographer to work with is Marco Patino, he is so much fun and a master of his craft! I also love being on the other side, taking photos and doing hair and make up. 35mm, canvas and sharpies are my voice. Terrible, horrible, nogood, very bad boys are my vice.

I basically have an incurable shoe fetish, love red lipstick, and am the girliest tomboy you'll ever meet (yes I daydream about rainbows and puppies when I'm welding, and converse about nailpolish and lipgloss while rebuilding carburetors). Other than that? I'm chillin'


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