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Stupid Weather
Thursday, 24 January 2008 16:30
huh. not much to update. the weather in sf/oakland sucks. i fell asleep before the switchblade riot show last night. thus i didnt go. saturday i am supposed to go to bottom of the hill to see angry samoans with rebecca jill & drew. meh. it's the weather that makes me not want to move an inch, when the heater is on and i'm under a pile of blankets... because i've actually been more motivated to go out and do stuff lately, but i get the jumble of things in my mind such as "i've got 5 plaques painted and ready... i need to make something out of those..." or "i need another glass box for the little guadalupe statue" or "i told ryan i'd go to switchblade tonight..." but ITS RAINING! AND IM TIRED! AND OH WELL I CAN PUT CRAFTING OFF TILL THIS WEEKEND B/C OHHH ITS NICE AND WARM IN BED! i don't even get in my regular pool nights much. i need to meet up with my Michelle in crime at Aces more often. she rules at life, and she's better than me at pool, so it's a good push. last time i played pool, i was losing to dudes. actually, now that i think about it, i won all the games i played last time (except against michelle) by default of the other player screwing up. hahah. still to me that doesn't count as fully kicking their ass. that didn't sit right with me. i'll get back into tip top shape soon enough... but alas... damn you weather!
Happy Monday!
Written by Dangerrr   
Monday, 21 January 2008 17:41

Yeah, I'm still recovering from Skater of the Year at Great American Music Hall on Friday night... Good times. Also the art site I blabbed to you all about on MySpace is up: ShesCracked.Com. It's all the creative stuff that isn't part of the modeling projects. My own art and deep ass thoughts and inappropriate commentary. Hahha... classy.

Thanks to all who replied to those bulletins... *Note to Self* Erek - I'm working on getting that banner thing set up for you... Shavaun I promise I won't make some ugly ass shit for you LOL love you!


2008 Calendar / Poster!!
Friday, 18 January 2008 17:12

Check it out! 2008 Calendar with 11"x17" glossy poster print, 12-months on 1-page layout, only $8.99!

Buy it here!






Wire-O bound, 160 page journal is unlined and measures 5" x 8". Back cover is made of thin black flexible textured plastic and the front image is a glossy coated 12pt card stock... $12


Buy it here!


Ok... minor roadblock...
Written by Dangerrr   
Monday, 14 January 2008 16:30

Some images in the galleries and content pages aren't working... I'll un-break everything ASAP!

In other news, the weather was great this weekend, but strangely, I spent much of it inside seeing as Saturday I was hungover from the SUPER AWESOME Switchblade Riot show at Blake's. They played with Calabrese (very poppy Tiger Army steez, all very well dressed and kind of a guilty pleasure for most of the guys), Los Dryheavers (awesome band), and the Vaudevilles. Sunday was spent... breaking this damn site! And doing laundry and household stuff like that... super fun right?


Finally Up & Running!
Written by Dangerrr   
Monday, 14 January 2008 00:45

Hurrah! I've finally completed a *working* migration of the old site content into this brand new Joomla! site. The learning curve was a b*tch but now it will be so much more organized and easier to make updates from anywhere and not have a heaping pile of pages getting all mixed up on my server.

So, welcome to the new site! Thanks for stopping by.


Last Week...
Written by Dangerrr   
Sunday, 13 January 2008 20:28

Joomla = My Biggest Nightmare

Last Night...

Joomla = Sooo Not That Bad! 

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