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Matt Williams / SF / 2008
Written by Dangerrr   
Thursday, 26 March 2009 06:54

Matt's photo portfolio site is underway so I was able to get ahold of better pictures of the 16x24 prints he made awhile back. Kodak 120MM black & white / color processed - Natoma / Howard street, Nov 2008
+++ 6 Prints +++ Ch-Check it +++
More photos with Matt Williams
Written by Dangerrr   
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 05:13

Matt always tests lighting on the digital... B&W medium format going to be developed tomorrow... a lot of work goes into it. I fell over a couple times. HAHA. Second time was off a stool, that is frickin scary - I had these spike heel boots on and one of the heels was hooked into the foot bar on the stool... could have been ultradisaster status. Anyway the actual bw prints will go up soon...

This is what a basic small studio looks like (give or take some details)

The Hassel-BAAAD yeah boiiiiiii

Getting light meteredzzz

((( More samples under the cut )))
September is Cursed
Written by Dangerrr   
Tuesday, 30 September 2008 20:08

can we please stop losing our light?


Johnny Romano

Van Wastell

Aaron Fuller

Switchblade Riot / Billetproof 2008
Written by Dangerrr   
Sunday, 21 September 2008 06:34

Sooo long time no update. Life is good. Moved out of Oakland and into SF. Looking to move a little more toward the Peninsula to be closer to my new job, but other than that, I'm chillin... here's a recap of the last 48 hours:

+++++++ IT'S A LONG ONE - CLICK FOR PHOTOS... WOOO! +++++++
Hey, Hey, Hey, HEY LADIES
Written by Dangerrr   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 22:14

Oh lord it's been a long and arduous few months. Also, I'm hungry. Also, I have to be ready in less than three hours to get picked up for Lucha Va Voom at The Fillmore tonite... So as I'm getting dressed I was reminded of the other weekend when I was stressing out about doing my hair... I wanted to share this with all you ladies that like it quick cheap and dirty - if you haven't figured this one out yet... try THIS:


Check out HepKat in SLO!
Saturday, 08 March 2008 19:45

I cannot tell you how many times Stefani has either saved and/or awesomed my hair. She makes all her own unique extensions, is a pro with YEARS and YEARS of experience, a master of the straight razor, and a fab makeup artist to boot. Check her out @ HepKat Salon in San Luis Obispo if you are in the area, this is THE place to get your hair taken care of.


Stefani Picchi Hepkat Salon
781 Higuera St.


Happy Friday! Some updates...
Friday, 07 March 2008 17:27

Ok, after messing with some php, server and other alien settings, I've finally gotten Joomla's extension installer to actually install stuff. Crazy, right? I know! It's so weird that now I can actually add stuff on now like a normal non-inept person. I'm hoping to find some cool features that make my site more usable and interactive. There are tons of extensions out there of course but I'm still thinking about what would be the most awesome, of course! I am thinking of opening up user registration and adding on a forum... Maybe, one day! Soon enough... Here are my 2 basic yet very important and stupidly-delayed additions:

1) Guestbook! Duh! Please click here to sign the GB and drop me a note!

2) Comments! Now you can comment on my blog posts and galleries! For the time being posts are moderated, to avoid spam! But throughout the day I will be going through and approving comments. Eventually, when I do open up the registered user feature, I won't have to moderate the comments because all of you, my awesome visitors and supporters, can be registered as REAL PEOPLE, not out there wading in the pool of spammers! Unless you're both a real person AND a spammer... lame!

Quinne and I have been having an AMAZING time working on these new photo concepts. Trust me, it'll be different and awesome and funny and awkward and overall, pretty epic. Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Amazing things to come...
Friday, 22 February 2008 17:27

Well well it looks like 2008 is about to get awesome. I've met my match photo/art wise in my lovely friend Quinne and we are about to embark on an amazing project that I can only hint at now because we are literally doing everything the minute our minds stop spinning just long enough to grab the cameras and get going... I am really excited that this is going to be something creative and inspiring, and is going to push us to come up with some great stuff. It is also going to be a bit of a departure from the "cheesecake" stuff, but that is all the more reason I am totally intrigued/thrilled to step out of the "safe" pin-up box and have fun with this...

Hope 2008 is going VERY well for everyone thus far. Don't forget to file your taxes! Haha. Also, Tequila? Over it (again). I'm probably just meant to be a Whiskey girl por vida.


Louboutin is Lust
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 18:19

I totally need these. Just sayin'...

Saturday Night... live
Sunday, 27 January 2008 19:16

photobooth pics @ thee parkside after seeing Angry Samoans at bottom of the hillĀ 

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